WiP Wednesday: 04.16.2014

Why hello!  I’ve been a busy bee working my way towards my April goal of finishing the first of the two Here N There quilts for the twin boys my dear friends are getting ready to welcome. Here’s a look at this Work-in-Progress in pics:

Friday night sewing – chain piecing a bazillion grey triangles onto rectangular print strips

Chain piecing grey triangles onto Parson Gray rectangle fabrics for both twin boy quilts

Chain piecing away

All of the pressed “treads” sorted for layout selection. The pattern inspiration is tractor trailer tire treads.  I read the pattern about four times and somehow completely missed that the middle row of treads needed the triangles sewn on in the opposite direction, which means I should have done layout selection first, then chain piecing.  This resulted in many picked seams and resewing, but nothing too terrible.  #OperatorError  (Also, digging my new cheap rug from Ikea for the sewing room!)

Assorted "treads"

Assorted “treads”


A pic of the layout / row combos with grey treads before I had to redo the middle row of seams.  Does anyone else take a ridiculous amount of phone pics to refer as you sew?  I always do and it comes in handy when I’m double checking that I’m adding pieces in the correct order.

Twin quilt #1 layout stacks.

Twin quilt #1 layout stacks.

And after more chain piecing to create the rows, the 3 rows had to be joined via 2 quick seams.  Then I quickly sewed on the top and bottom WOF panels in grey.  This is such a quick pattern!!

A few of my better points at the seams

A few of my better points at the seams


And here’s a shot of the backing ready for basting.  It just. barely. fit. the floor space in my new sewing area.  It was awesome though because I normally have to baste on the living room floor and spend twice as long as needed b/c the puppy wants to keep walking on it.  He knows better and will come walk right around the perimeter.  I swear he does it to freak me out.  Now I can close the doors to the guest/sewing room and baste in peace.  (PS – check out the amazing sunlight I get in this new sewing space!!)  (PPS- my first ever painting is propped up there on the floor. It was one of those Wine N Paint party places I did with gf’s last week.  Uber fun, but I think I’ll stick with quilting – painting  in a time limit was majorly stressful!)

Quilt backing ready to baste - took up my whole sewing room space (its a small space - pouty face!)

Quilt backing ready to baste – took up my whole sewing room space (its a small space – pouty face!)


And because I sounded mean about the dog earlier in the post, here’s a shot of him this weekend on his new dog bed I made for him because I love him and he’s the bestest dog EVER.  Seriously.  EVERRRR.  Nothing beats 75 degree days in North Carolina before the pollen and bugs descend!!  (He looks very annoyed that I’m taking his picture)  I got the duck cloth and zipper on sale for less than $8 and stuffed it with old pillows.  He loves it but it’s just a touch small for his crate so I’m going to make him another in the near future.  Spoiled pup for sure!!

Oliver looking like he OWNS the deck - enjoying some Carolina sun on his new dog bed I made

Oliver looking like he OWNS the deck ❤


Anyways, there’s my WiP Wednesday in pics.  I’m quilting the first of the twin quilts right now and hope to have it to the binding phase by Sunday.  Squee!  What are you working on?

Mrs QQ


One response to “WiP Wednesday: 04.16.2014

  1. It’ll be nice to see the completed baby quilts once they’ve gone to their new home. I’m having difficulty imagining tractor treads on a quilt.

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