Mrs QQ & Oliver

Mrs QQ & Oliver

Hi and welcome! I’m Jenni (Mrs. QQ) – thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Who is Mrs. QQ?

Whew – that’s a tough one.  I’m putting my years of education to good use as a biomedical researcher.  As an avid Wolfpack fan and alum (Go NC STATE!), I crossed the beautiful state of North Carolina to get a PhD in engineering and have been doing biomedical research with cardiac MRI for the last 6 years.  What do you do after finishing a PhD?  Well, you sign up for another graduate program – this time a Masters in Science (I know I know…)  But alas, I’ve promised Mr QQ that I will not be a professional student and after this summer, I plan to put my two graduate degrees to good use and create a successful career in academic research.  It may sound fancy, but really I just go cross-eyed all day looking at black and white images (hence why I love colorful, fun fabric!).

That’s great and all, but who is that handsome boy in the picture?

Mr QQ….I kid!  That’s our pup Oliver.  He’s a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) and if I only had one word to describe him, it’d be CLOWN.  Two other words you ask?  Regal and Gentle.  He’s the goofiest, most kind-hearted dog I’ve ever known and along with Mr QQ, he’s stolen my heart.  Per GSP requirements, “Sir Oliver” gets 1-2 hours of cardiac activity per day and runs 15-25 miles a week with me.  We both prefer trails, but most days after work we trot around the neighborhoods near our house.  I’ve really enjoyed running as a stress reliever but after sustaining a few injuries after my first marathon, it’s nice to have quilting as an outlet too!  Oliver isn’t quite sure what to think about this quilting adventure yet – he prefers having my lap to snuggle in the evenings (yes – this mini pony somehow fits in my lap)  and he’s a fan of stealing things I need off of the table and playing keep-away (attention hog!).

And what about quilting?

My mother is an extraordinary quilter and cross-stitcher.  I have fond memories of asking her to teach me as a small child around the pre-K age.  Smartly, she sent me to classes at the local quilt shop when I was a little older.  After warning me to hold my threads to start a seam, I promptly ignored her pre-class warning and had to spend the first 90 min untangling thread in the bobbin casing.  #BigOops #MajorlyEmbarrassed #LessonLearned  Mom was sure glad she didn’t have to be there for that lesson.  By the time I was out of middle school I had made a few quilt blocks and learned the basics, but mostly I just enjoyed helping my mother pick out fabrics for all of her quilts…and stashing away fat quarters of my own.  A few years ago I wanted to make my first quilt so I bought the pattern, bought the fabrics, and got through about 2% of the quilt before I realized – what the heck am I doing learning to quilt!?!?  I am in graduate school and that was already taking up about 27 hours per day.  Fabric and machine went into storage and both waited patiently until I decided to make a baby quilt for a good friend of mine who was pregnant last summer.  After that, I was hooked.  And as of now, I’ve got 3 more pregnant friends – so many more baby quilts are in the queue for 2013, along with side projects and some quilts for me too because at some point, Oliver is going to demand those lap cuddles and wouldn’t it be lovely to snuggle up in a quilt?

Follow along to watch journey to become a “quasi-quilter” and see my OCD engineering side combat my creative quilting side!


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