A Lovely Year of Finishes: March Mid-Month Check-in

Earlier this month, I set out some goals for the month of March as part of A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Let’s check-in and see how that’s going now:

Here are my goals for March:

  1. Finish quilting on Quilt #2 of the This n That twin quilts   – ALL FINISHED!
  2. Sew on labels and embroider name plates for the This n That twin quilts. – Labels on both, embroidery finished on one…
    Goal 2B:  GIFT them – Will be gifting on this coming Saturday (so that embroidery must get done!)
  3. Buy fabric for background and binding on the Here n There twin quilts   Bought these March 1 at my fav LQS- good start to the month!
  4. Cut fabrics for Here N There twin quilts – I’ve started cutting the fabrics…
  5. Finish both quilt tops for Here n There twin quilts (no action here, see Goal 4…)
  6. Cut fabrics for planned patchwork quilt from April Showers charm pack and Kona white – I’ve cut up the charm pack but not the Kona white

Chugging away at the list and so far, on schedule!  On other fronts, I’m off to run a marathon TOMORROW – eeek!  I saw a saying earlier this year that for marathons, don’t get so stressed about race day finish times, etc.  Race day is more like a victory lap to celebrate the months and hundreds of miles of training you’ve already done.  So true 🙂  It’s not my first, but it’s been several years since my last marathon. I’m looking forward to crossing the line in celebration for getting through a set of running injuries from the past several years and getting through this training healthy!  My legs will be crying for some restful days in the days ahead and I’m hoping that doesn’t exclude pressing that machine foot at the quilting machine b/c I’ll be ready to get back at quilting soon!

How are your goals going this month?  Check out the other mid-month check-ins here.

Mrs QQ


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