February: Blogging Fail, Quilting Win

It’s been crickets over here but that’s not to say February has been a completely unproductive quilting month.  Work has been crazy busy, marathon training peaked out, and yet, I still got busy on the This N That quilts for the twins (*pats self on back*).

This month’s summary includes a lot of quilting, some running, bunnies (!?), side projects, and snow!!  (deep breath, there’s a lot packed in here):

  • I left off in January with a set of two finished tops and two finished backs waiting some quilting action
  • After a long day at work, I came home from my running club and decided to baste Quilt #1.  It was late and I was tired.  The backing had very little overhang.  My brain was on autopilot and I crash landed y’all.  How?  I didn’t center the top to the back and ended up basting a whole (smaller baby) quilt with a top that hung over the backing…
  • It took me over a week to motivate myself to unpin and re-baste the quilt.  True story.  Lesson learned for realz.
  • I met two-time track Olympian and silver world medalist (800m) Nick Symmonds at our running store.  Then I got to watch him and his team kill it at a track meet in town the next day.  Yes, he signed a poster and t-shirt for me.  Yes, I was shaking like a schoolgirl at a Bieber concert.  Not only is he an amazing athlete in the oval, but he’s a true class act and boldly speaks for human and gay rights, animal rights, and gun control.  Look him up – CNN, NPR, etc etc.  I’m 28 and I’ll totally admit to having a school girl crush.  My husband is fully aware.

    Nick Symmonds crossing the finish line #1 in the Camel City Elite men's 800m.

    Nick Symmonds crossing the finish line #1 in the Camel City Elite men’s 800m.

  • I got the first This N That quilt all quilted up in just a week!  (Previously, it’s taken the better part of 6-8 weeks for me to do the quilting on baby quilts)

    Getting ready to trim up Quilt 1 of the This N That quilts

    Getting ready to trim up Quilt 1 of the This N That quilts

  • After finishing the straight line quilting, I showed it to Mr QQ for his opinion on whether to try the FMQ I had planned to do on the quilts.  We both agreed that the straight line quilting made a nice geometric impact and to forego FMQ this time.  Brag: He also said *unprompted* that the quilt looked awesome and that “it was going probably going to get really cute and crinkly in the wash.”  Look who has been paying attention to my blabbing!!!
  • I cut rounded corners into the quilt when I trimmed it.  LOVE!  Adds a softness to what was an otherwise very geometric and angular baby quilt.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I resisted these guys.  Yeah, seriously – I deserve a pat on the back for this bullet item.

    I have a major weakness for baby bunnies...

    I have a major weakness for baby bunnies…

  • For time conservation (and durability), I decided to do machine binding on these quilts.  I used this tutorial to sew the binding to the back and then did stitch-in-the-ditch for the front -it went like a breeze!
  • I made a quick and easy zipper pouch with some FQs purchased at my LQS.  I use it religiously and will be posting more info on how you can whip up one of these too!  Great for sewing supplies, makeup, or a clutch.

    Cerise + Turquoise <3

    Cerise + Turquoise ❤

  • This past Monday I basted the second This N That quilt.  It’s going even quicker and I think I may have it finished tomorrow!  Then all that’s left is to wash, sew on my label, and embroider their birth information on the front. I think I’ll get to see them in person in a few weeks which will be the perfect time to gift 🙂

    Basting Quilt 2 of the This N That quilts

    Basting Quilt 2 of the This N That quilts

  • The middle of this month, we got hit with Snowmaggedon, SnOMG, Snowpocalypse….Our house ended up with about 8 inches of powder!  We’re lucky if we get more than two 2″ snows each winter so this was a treat.  Treat?  Yeah, because three days later it was 65 degrees and the snow was gone before it even got dirty and gross.  I love the weather in NC – they say if you don’t like the weather, just wait a week.  We don’t just get 4 seasons, we get 365!  Unfortunately, it also means that I battled a wicked sinus infection for 3 weeks with the changing weather.  Oliver loved it while it lasted:

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I lucked out with the weather on two of my longer runs this month (20-21 miles) in preparation for my marathon (which is in 16 days now!!).

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I bought a stack of 1/4 yard cuts of Parson Gray (mostly Curious Nature, some from other collections) to make twin boy quilts for our lovely friends who are expecting this May!  Mr QQ is quite jealous of the fabric selection – I think I’m going to have to buy all of Parson Gray’s next collection to make his quilt.  I’ll be using Denyse Schmidt’s Here and There quilt pattern for the quilts – recommended by Gina at one of our LQS The Little General.  Gina’s wonderful and we got to chatting and found out we’re close neighbors.  #Awesomesauce  Check out her shop if you’re in Winston!  These quilts are my next project and I can’t wait to start!!

    Yummy yummy Parson Gray fabrics!!!!

    Yummy yummy Parson Gray fabrics!!!!

I can’t wait to finish and gift the girls’s twins quilts and get started on the boys’s twins quilts. My friends are so blessed to be having little ones and are going to be such great parents that they are getting twins 🙂

What did you work on for February?  Cheers to a productive March too!

Mrs QQ


2 responses to “February: Blogging Fail, Quilting Win

    • Thanks Ashley! I can’t wait to cut into those fabrics (probably the first time I’ve said that – I usually dread cutting up pretty fabric!) Corners are so so easy to bind. It was my first time doing machine binding and I would definitely say they are no harder than mitered corners. You just have to make sure you do a bias binding, then ease the binding over the corner using the bias stretch, pin, and stitch!

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