Sunday Sewing: This N That Quilts

It’s been a busy weekend over here.  After my 17 mile long run last week, I got struck with the wicked cough/cold that’s hitting the area in full force.  Following the Runners Rule (if you’re sick and it’s above your neck you can run, if it’s below your neck / in your chest then rest), I’ve been resting up and not running.  Fortunately, that gave me a lot of time to get some work done on the This N That quilts for the twins.  Last Wednesday, I wrote about cutting and creating the HSTs.  When I designed these quilts, I did so with larger HSTs (5.5″) so that piecing would go quickly since the twins are already 6 months old!

Sunday morning I had the rows pieced together and set them out on the design wall/floor to get the color order figured out for the chevron stripes.  Mr QQ suggested switching the green rows, and boom – cute chevron layouts:

Design layout #1

Design layout #1

And of course I couldn’t be satisfied…so I flipped around two rows to make diamonds:

Design layout #2

Design layout #2

And Design Layout #2 stuck!  Mostly because I took a Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) class at my local quilt store this past Saturday.  I plan to echo stitch the print fabrics and in the large white diamonds, I’ll echo stitch the diamonds with flowers and swirls in the diamonds.  After my FMQ class, I stuck around and bought a considerable amount of fabric off of the clearance shelf for some upcoming quilts.  Hey, no judging – it was Shop your Local Quilt Shop day and they were having a 20% off sale.  It’s just dangerous to take a class on a sale day 🙂  I also found a sage and lavender print that was perfect for my backing stripe on the This N That Quilts.  I’ll have enough to use it for the binding too.

Today I was able to get not one, but TWO quilt backs finished for the This N That Quilts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the two matching tops for the This N That Quilts are done as well:

Now I have to get these suckers basted and buy the quilting threads.  Oh, and practice practice practice my FMQ so I can put it to use with straight line quilting for these gifts!  More on FMQ adventures later this week!  I also ordered a set of Frixion pens to mark the quilts.  Question: Do you mark your quilt lines before or after pin-basting?  I’ve never marked lines before…

Joining in the Stitch by Stitch’s Anything Goes Monday linky party this week for the first time and WIP Wednesday.



6 responses to “Sunday Sewing: This N That Quilts

  1. I never knew that rule for running good tip! 17 miles though wow!!

    Beautiful zig zag top!! The Frixion pens are wonderful too. I guess you should mark before you pin baste. I tend to use a Hera marker for quilts,but I did use the Frixion pen for my Christmas quilt recently.

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