WiP Wednesday: 01.22.14

You know what’s even better than making it to Hump Day?  Making it to Hump Day in a short work week!  Half.way.there…

So last week, I had lots of stacks of fabrics just sitting there crying like sissies waiting to be cut into.  My goal this week was to prep the sage and lavender fabrics for twin chevron baby quilts and hopefully get some cutting done too.  Based on your comments from last week, looks like most of y’all are fabric pressers, some are starchers, and most everyone has given up on pre-washing fabric.  Ashley does none of the above and claimed it was “character building” for her quilts (y’all, she works with youngin’s all day and I swear is the most patient person and her quilts are divine so maybe I need to toughen up and throw out my pins/iron/starch).

Fabric Stack for Twin Chevron Quilts

I ended up pressing the fabrics with light sizing.  We had company this weekend for the holiday in our little cottage and they were kind enough to not look at me too crazy when I scrambled to set up the ironing board in the living room while we watched tv / cleaned off the kitchen table to turn it into a cutting table immediately after dinner / etc.  The weather was pretty chilly in the foothills on Sat / Sun, but I did manage to get out on Sunday and click off 17 miles in just under 3 hours as training for my marathon in 8 weeks.  Sweet run and you know what motivated my butt to get out the door?  FABRIC.  I didn’t dare get my quilting / cutting station set up until after my run was done because once I got started, I knew it’d be tough to get out the door and run in the cold.  So after 17 miles, what does one do?  Cut fabric and eat a bowl of Thin Mint ice cream.  There are a few perks to running off 2000 calories… #truth


All cut up finally!

After the run, I got out my cutting supplies, set up the station, and in no time had the fabrics cut for both chevron quilt tops.  Last fall I worked out the design I wanted to do, calc’d the measurements, and made myself a little PowerPoint tutorial to refer to.  If it works out and anyone is interested, I can post it.  With a little extra time this week at home for the holiday, I managed to clean house AND get ahead on the quilt to sew together all of my fabric pairs for the half square triangles (HSTs).  I cut them apart yesterday during my lunch break, and am now pressing seams open.  These HSTs are 5 1/2″ square and there are only 128 HSTs for the two quilts combined.  Compared to the 336 2″ flannel HSTs I had to press for Olivia’s quilt, this is so much easier!

Cutting 4x HSTs from square-pairs

Cutting 4x HSTs from square-pairs

So here I sit, catching up on my DVR while I press seams.  OH OH OH – If you live in North Carolina, program your DVR for me, k?  My hubs is going to be on North Carolina Weekend on UNC-TV this Thursday, with repeat airing on Saturday (he’s the director of programming at our local history museum).  So I’ll be here on the sofa tomorrow night too, watching him watch himself on TV while I press the rest of these seams…reality check please!

Now on to pressing seamings...(pouty face...)

Now on to pressing seamings…(pouty face…)

Excited to start piecing these quilts together – check back next week!  Linking up with WIP Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social linky parties this week.


Boom! (finger pressed) HSTs!

Mrs QQ


11 responses to “WiP Wednesday: 01.22.14

  1. Good for you making such great progress, Jenni! Love the sage and lavender. Those chevron quilts will be gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at the Let’s Bee Social linky at Sew Fresh Quilts!

  2. I pre-wash my fabric. I’ve had enough fabric run that I won’t do with out it. Congrats on running 17 miles! Holy cow. I’m working for 8 miles a week and that’s hard enough. Good luck on your marathon!

    • I’m hearing a lot in favor of pre-washing too now that I’ve posted the question. My next set of twins quilts will be bold solids, so I may have to try it on them. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you continue to enjoy running! I could barely get through a mile a few years ago, and now I get antsy if its been more than 2 days without a run – it’s finally gotten past the point of pain and I now find it quite meditative!

  3. You ought to prewash your fabrics girl! Being all biomedical and such.
    Really there are many reasons, chemicals being one. Press unwashed fabric and smell that?? That chemical thing added up in my life until I am very sensitive to almost all chemicals now. I can’t be in a room with someone pressing unwashed fabrics. Then, the first time you make a special quilt, spending hours on it, and one of the fabrics runs… Cut a tiny triangle off the raw edges of yardage, throw in the wash and dryer, they hardly unravel. Worth it.
    LeeAnna Paylor my blog Not Afraid of Color

    • Good call LeeAnna. I’ve never tried pre-washing and I guess throwing in a spare fat quarter would give me a good sense of how it turns out. My last quilt was done with organic quilts from Birch Fabric and Kona and the material was a dream to work with – I’d def recommend them if you have sensitivities!

  4. I love the colors you have chosen! I prewash everything after a king sized quilt of mine was washed and the reds bled and ruined it. Saddest day ever!! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt

    • Oh my! All of that hard work for it to bleed? How do you ever get over an experience like that? The scales are definitely tipping in the favor of pre-wash for my next quilts!! Thanks for the post Kelly

  5. Love the color combo and working with HSTs is my favorite! Can’t wait to see your finished quilts. I always pre-wash fabric, even the Birch Organics – I like to work with “clean” fabric and light non-aerosol starch as needed.

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