WIP Wednesday: 09.11.2013

First – a big ole thank YOU for all of the quilt love on my recent finish!  You queens of quilting are so inspiring and I love updating this blog and following all of yours as well.  Without your helpful hints/tricks/encouraging comments, Olivia’s quilt would have never gotten finished!  Following several days of utter unproductive quilting, I can excitedly say I have been very productive again!

Last Thursday, I sat down at 8 pm after a long day and did a basic cleaning job on my machine. (Good golly there was some serious fuzz in the bobbin casing after finishing Olivia’s flannel dutch pinwheel quilt!).  I took out all the pieces and with some q-tips, managed to get the majority of the fuzz out.  I also took the time to change out my needle and placed it with other dull/broken needles in an old pill bottle by my machine.  After winding some bobbins with grey thread for the hexagon quilt, I used a quilt sandwich to test out tensions/ presser foot pressures – they were pretty wonky for the flannel quilt.  That was the end of my daily quilting “to do list”.  Hmmm…but playing at the machine is so so fun!  Soooooooo I went to the cabinet, and pulled out the hexagon quilt that has been pin basted since June.


Up close of the gears from the front (no big reveal until this sucker is done!)

“I’ll try to do the outline/echo on one hexagon/gear tonight, I told myself.” Well one thing led to the next and I had THREE finished (of about 20).  I had not realized how difficult quilting flannel was until I quilted something thinner and lighter.  Compared to Olivia’s quilt, this one is a breeze to pivot through the machine throat and the stitches stay nice and even.  I’m also not having to work the quilt through the machine one bit.  Breath of fresh air, I tell ya!  I’m quilting 1/4″ inside the seam for the outer and inner edge of the gear, leaving the center hexagon blank so that I can go back and hand embroider images there.  The back looks really cool with this quilting design!

Hexie Quilt back - I'm in love with the quilting design on the backside!

Hexie Quilt back – I’m in love with the quilting design on the backside!

Friday night was a date night with Mr QQ (and Oliver) – the weather was too too nice not to head downtown and enjoy the street festival. I spent a little time here and there the rest of the weekend and managed to not only quilt all of the “full gears” but also the “partial gears” that are cut off by the edge of the quilt.  Last week when I made a “daily checklist” to get this quilt done by the end of September per my goals, I was hoping to finish all of the “full gears” Sunday and “partial gears” by the middle of next week!  So I’m already ahead a week.  (Pats self on back).  The joy of quilting has bit me and it is sweet bliss.

Intersecting gears from the back

Intersecting gears from the back

To quilt a bit denser on the hexagon quilt, I’m going back through and adding “spokes” to all of the gears.  Once this is done in the next day or two, I’ll be trimming and binding.  (GASP!) A week and a half of quilting and the binding is done?  That’s scary fast considering it took me four weeks of quilting hours upon hours each night for Olivia’s quilt!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and Thursday Threads at 627Handworks this week.

Mrs QQ


11 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 09.11.2013

  1. You’ve used possibly my favourite fabric ever for the quilt backing … and your quilting shows up so wonderfully on it! I can’t wait to see the full reveal.

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