September Goals

It’s hard to believe that August (and Summer!) is near its end.  With the (to-be-blogged) finish of my niece’s Flannel Dutch Pinwheel quilt, I’m looking over at my increasing stack of WIPs in panic.  Time to get busy and time to get organized.  I’m a checklist kind of person.  The gal who writes out her to-do list each day, even though I know I can’t get it all done and plans will change.  Call me a bit of a control freak but I’m sticking with it.

List of September Goals:

1) Following my first finish using FLANNELS on my new (to me) machine, I want to give my machine a good once-over cleaning before moving forward.  This should give me a chance to learn a bit more about my machine too (Husqvarna Viking Freesia 425 – “Felicity”).  Lots of lint and fuzzies hidden deep in there I bet.

2) With the arrival last week of Baby Boy Miller Baby Kyle, I aim to finish the quilting on the hexagon / gears / nerd quilt by the end of September for him.  (Goal 2.1: come up with a better name for this quilt. Any suggestions?)  This quilt has been pin basted since late June while I spent half my summer on shipping / order fiascos re: walking foot for machine.  That that I’ve struggled through quilting a thick flannel quilt, I’m imagining this one will go a bit smoother.

3) Do embroidery on the hexagon / gears / nerd quilt.  More on this to come.

4) I know this seems trivial given Goal 2 & 3, but fully FINISH the hexagon / gears / nerd quilt.  In running a race of sizable distance (marathons, etc), I always make multi-tiered goals.  Goal A = best imaginable time that I’ve trained for, Goal B = a more reasonable finish time, Goal C = the wheels have fallen off, just get across the line and get a finish rather than a DNF.

So for the hexagon / gears / nerd quilt:  Goal A = Finish by the end of September, Goal B = Finish by mid October when Baby Kyle and his parents travel up this way for our (ten year!) high school reunion weekend.  Goal C = Finish by New Years when we vacay at a mtn cabin with them.  I suppose Goal D =  finish before this whopper of a boy (9 lb 4 oz at birth) outgrows his baby quilt!!  So excited for our friends to become parents 🙂

5) Start on the twins quilts.  I’ve got a pile of special fabrics picked out but between work / half marathon training / finishing my niece’s quilt, it’s been anxiously toe-tapping and waiting for me to get to it.  Let’s go with Goal 5.1 = get fabrics pressed/sized and Goal 5.2 = get some fabrics cut?  Baby steps, my friends.  I’d like to get both of these quilts finished by late October / mid November.

Hmm, so there it is.  I’ve not done a monthly goal list yet so we’ll check back and see how this goes!  I’d love to hear any ideas you have for names on the hexagon / gears / nerd quilt (see design wall pic here)!


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