WIP Wednesday: 08.14.2013

A quick post this Wednesday because I’ve been busy (wait for it…) QUILTING!  After getting the flannel dutch pinwheel quilt for my new niece Olivia pin-basted this weekend, I went into a minor tizzy over what weight thread to use for the quilting.  In between reading other blogs re: 40wt vs 50wt, I got the binding made for the quilt:

Pink stripes on the bias for binding - a must!

Flannel pink stripes on the bias for binding ? Yes Please!

In <somewhat> related news, I ordered a small flathead screwdriver exclusively for my sewing machine.  After struggling to use Mr QQ’s normal/long one to put the walking foot on my machine, I realized it was time to invest in a $2.41 screwdriver from Amazon…It may seem inconsequential, but y’all – it really made me feel like a real, true, dedicated quilter.  It’s the small (see what I did there?) things in life!

A treat for the Viking

A treat for the Viking

After practicing on some scraps, I couldn’t wait any longer and got cracking on the quilting this Monday.  I am definitely learning some things as I go – lengthen the stitch length, go slower, & let the walking foot do the fabric grabbing – to name a few.  Unfortunately, I can’t really rip out any stitching because the flannels are very fragile.  Maybe it’s a good thing though.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep things in perspective.

Finally made it to the QUILTING phase!

Finally made it to the QUILTING phase!

Plus, if there are no mistakes, people may not know it’s homemade – right?  Right!  Also, I hear washing the finished quilt hides 1,000 flaws 🙂

Ever worked with flannels?  So soft but so fragile – any tips appreciated!  Still looking for thoughts on machine quilting with 40wt vs 50wt if you have any…

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~Mrs QQ


8 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 08.14.2013

  1. Flannel can definitely be tricky. I backed my first quilt in flannel because I had no idea. It was a struggle, but worth it in the end because the back is so soft and woozy! Your quilt is going to be fabulous and I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Sarah! I really threw myself in the deep end trying to tackle flannel on the top and back, but I think you’re right – will be so soft and woozy in the end!

  2. Um. yes. if there are no mistakes, you didn’t actually make it. this is my new life rule. i can’t wait to see it – and that binding is adorable! loveeeeeeeee.

  3. Lovely quilt and totally worth the hard work. Having quilted all my quilts on my domestic machine I know how your feeling ! You’ll be totally awesome at it no time 🙂

  4. I’ve never quilted with flannel and I’m also just learning with cotton thread which I find is a lot harder to rip out. But since I quilt for fun, and not to make a living, even mistakes are part of the enjoyment of learning.

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