Weekend Wrap-up: Mountain Running + Pin Basting

Monday greetings!  Goodness gracious I am grateful for weekends like this.

Mr QQ and I had friends over after work Friday for a great dinner, catching up, and playing a retro board game called Hotels.  Think Monopoly but better…and weirder.  Saturday morning we got all fancified and cleaned up quite nice for our friend’s wedding and reception.  This couple is so very sweet and lovely and it was wonderful to see their dreams realized and help them celebrate the day.  After the wedding we loaded Mr Puppy up and headed up the mountains to my Mom’s house.  I was super excited because A) we had a race the next day and (more importantly) B) I could show her both the hexagon quilt and dutch pinwheel quilt I have been working on!  Due to a crazy hectic week, I hadn’t gotten Olivia’s dutch pinwheel quilt basted prior to departure, but it turned into a perfect Saturday evening / Sunday morning project to work on with Mom.  Let’s face it – pin basting ain’t no party unless you get together and make it one!  Also, she had the Kwik Klip tool which made pin basting a breeze.  I am definitely going to make to get one myself.

While we pressed and pinned, I went over my “quilting plan” for this baby quilt and with Mom’s expertise, made a few tweaks.  Also got into a discussion of machine quilting thread weight.  My reaction – there are different weights??!?!?  I just bought several spools of Connecting Threads Essential thread (50wt) and have wound several bobbins to use for Olivia’s dutch pinwheel quilt.  Mom says to use strictly 40wt on quilting and 50wt on piecing.  So a question for you – what thread do you use and what weight for machine quilting?  Pros / cons / comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated!!  I’ve been googling away and from what I’ve read you can use 50wt to quilt but it won’t show up as much.  I’m kind of ok with that because I have only quilting a small quilt once, and also will be doing primarily stitch-in-the-ditch for this quilt.

Sunday we ran a mountain hill climb race at Blue Ridge Mountain Club together (Mr QQ and I escorted Oliver up the mountain).  It was hot, beautiful, and so we took it easy with Mr. PupPup – it was his first race and given the elevation gain, it was a tough one for him in the hot weather.  Despite taking it easy and taking breaks for him, I somehow still managed to get an age group medal.  Not too impressed with it because I wasn’t really trying to race, but I’m putting it up on the wall as a “finishers medal” for Oliver – so proud he hung in there to the finish!

Mr & Mrs QQ and the star of the day - Oliver! (his tongue is UNreal in this pic - HOT dog!)

Family pic at the top.  The race directors even gave Oliver his own race bib! (Also, his tongue is UNreal in this pic – HOT dog!)

I can’t wait to get started on the quilting tomorrow (today I’ll practice with my new walking foot on some samples)…Thoughts on thread much appreciated!

-Mrs QQ


2 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up: Mountain Running + Pin Basting

  1. I. Have. No. Idea. Hahaha. I use what I have and everyone says something different. If it doesn’t fall apart it’s a win in my book.

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