Weekend Wrap-up: The Toe-Tapper

warning: this post may or maynot have been written during raging PMS / major venting re: missing quilt stuff!  i apologize for the belated teenage angst in advance.  


I blame Amazon Prime and Wag.com for my normalized expectation that I click Purchase and BOOM!  There it is on my door step with free two-day shipping.  Apparently that is not how things are done elsewhere?!?!  Oi!

I originally tried to buy the foot at my LQS but they didn’t have it in stock for my (older) machine.  Totally understandable.  So I went online to Ebay and ordered it with rushed shipping because I want this quilt done before I leave for the baby shower (which is now in <2 weeks!).  IMMEDIATELY upon clicking purchase, I realized that the default shipping address in my account is outdated and very incorrect.  So, within 2 minutes of ordering, I contacted the company and provided the correct mailing address and was assured it wouldn’t be a problem.  Tick tock tick tock.  The “expected arrival” date came and went. I called the company. They sent it to the wrong address.  And it was still not even to that address yet.  So they opened a case with USPS re: intercept the package and return it to the company (on the other coast).  The company refuses to give me a refund until they receive the item back and would not send me another one from their inventory in the meantime.  Given their lack of talent in shipping, I decided it was a no go and I couldn’t wait for the foot to make its way from my old house in the neighborhood in NC – back to California – then back to my new house in the same neighborhood.

So, I went online to a sewing machine parts online store and ordered it 5 days ago.  And it has still not been shipped by that company!?!?!?  I’ve had this quilt basted for > 1 week and was already short on quilting time when I originally ordered the foot almost 2 weeks ago.  So.very.frustrated.

Last Thursday, I did manage to order the binding fabric + sashing fabric for my niece’s flannel Marmalade quilt and background fabric for the twins’ quilts from Fat Quarter Shop.  It arrived in less than two days, wonderfully packaged, and with a free pattern in it!  Breath of fresh air I tell ya!

So what’s a girl to do while waiting for a quilting foot?  Start another quilt (or rather, start the piecing finally).  I’ve had a box o’ flannel HSTs nicely trimmed for my niece’s quilt and decided that I may as well get cracking on that one too.  I’ve knocked out 6 of the 16 dutch pinwheel blocks for the quilt and am thoroughly enjoying piecing this one.  The dutch pinwheels really show off the fabric and is a classic pattern that will be perfect for this little southern belle.  The baby shower for little girl “O” is this coming Sunday and I’m helping my wonderful mother-in-law with the games/activities.  She and my father-in-law came to visit us this weekend and Oliver was just beside himself because, they came to see him and only him (of course) 😉  My MIL is one of his favorite humans in the whole wide world and he loves his grandpa too – that dog was grinning all weekend – promise!  Mr QQ and I had a wonderful visit with them too of course!

All in all, while I’ve been toe-tapping away waiting for this quilting foot, I’ve still gotten the quilt basted, binding made, ordered (even more) fabric, and started working on another quilt too.  Fingers crossed it gets here very very soon because if not, I’ll just have to give up on giving this quilt when I fly down for the shower and will have to mail it later…

Update:  contacted the second company as to why the foot hasn’t shipped yet…it is out of stock until July 21st…ergh!?!?!?  Shut the front door!   Guess that solves that – more work on niece’s quilt and hexie love quilt will just have to wait….Lesson learned – just order from LQS and wait next time – probably would’ve taken way less time in the end…

Keep calm and quilt on,

Mrs QQ


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