WIP Wednesday: 06.19.2013

Lordy – thanks for all the love re: dutch pinwheels and hexagon baby quilt earlier this week!  It’s been a busy week at home and work but I did manage to get a good bit more progress made on my #1 priority -Hexagon Science Baby Quilt.  It’s T-minus < month to get this quilt done with just a few hours to spare after work/exercise/family time.  Speaking of family time, this weekend Mr QQ and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary (we’ve been together for 12 years – high school sweethearts and all that).  Before you get all mushy, we met at nerd school.  I keep reminding him that he’s not allowed to die before I do because my pick-up lines were weak even back then and my humor hasn’t really progressed much either.  True story.

Our anniversary was on Fathers Day (Sunday) but we celebrated it Saturday in high style.  We started the morning by taking puppy with us to our fantastic Cobblestone farmers market at Old Salem to get some fresh veggies, flowers, and other goodies.  If you’re local and you haven’t been, you are missing out.  Then after getting all fancified, we headed out for a day of wine tasting at vineyards near us.  We live right on the border of the Yadkin Valley Appellation and it’s always a fav activity for both of us.  After a tasting and picnic at the first vineyard, we headed around the area to visit a few others as well.   (Don’t worry –I finish Mr QQ’s tastings so he can drive us around-lucky me)  Great wines all around and the weather held out for us all day.  After a nice dinner, we headed home for some puppy snuggles with Oliver.  Great day of many more to come I’m sure! Here are my fav snapshots from the weekend:

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I also got a good chunk o’ quilting done since my WIP Wednesday post too!

  • Printed a calendar for June/July and wrote down a sewing goal for each day, working backwards from when I leave for the baby shower in FL.  Whoo- I need to get my rear in gear!
  • Finished sewing all 11 rows of the Hexagon Science Baby Quilt.  Got frustrated towards the end and realized that the needle was dull like whoa.
  • Changed the needle on my machine (hallelujah!) and made a mental note that I have ~15 packs of needles c/o Quilting Mom and should change them out way more often than I do because, hey, it’s not costing me anything anyways!
  • Tried to put the walking foot from my old old Viking onto my new Viking/Husqvarna machine.  No dice.  The presser feet are interchangeable for the machines, but the needle bar is too different…new walking foot (and stippling foot) have been ordered…
  • Bought backing and binding fabric for the quilt and also the thread (light grey) for quilting at my LQS with the help of Mr QQ en route to the vineyards.  He’s a keeper y’all!
  • My mom got me an early bday present – an Ott Lite!  Hallelujah y’all.
  • Tackled Y Seams – sewed pairs of Hexagon rows together and am starting to sew pairs together.  Lots of progress – see:
First set of Y-seams - woot!

First set of Y-seams – woot!

In fact, only ONE y-seam left to connect rows 1-8 to rows 9-11.  One long series of Y-seams between me and a finished quilt top!!  I’m hoping to get this quilt top finished and pressed by the end of the week so I can work on the backing and baste this baby together!

After y’all were so helpful to my friend Ashley last week with quilting suggestions, I thought I’d throw out a plea for some help with quilting this hexagon quilt.  Here’s a picture of the quilt top before it was sewn together.  The center of each hexagon/flower is solid and I’ll be hand embroidering cute little designs in those.  So, without going through the solid centers, how would you quilt this?  I know I could do stitch in the ditch – or – echo on the inside of each individual hexagon, but what other cool designs do you think would work?  Each hexie is about 4 inches wide (finished).  (Edit/Addendum:  I have no free motion experience so I’m thinking I need to stick to straight lines this time around unless y’all think I could totally tackle free motion quilting?!?!?)

Final Hexie Quilt Design

Final Hexie Quilt Design

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Mrs QQ


3 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 06.19.2013

  1. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great day 🙂 Love that baby quilt. Looking at the picture I wonder if you could quilt some sort of meandering pattern in almost vertical rows – thus avoiding the solids. Loops, feathery things….

    • Thanks Marcella! I see what you’re saying about the vertical loopy stuff – maybe an infinity vine or something? I have no free motion experience yet and am on a time crunch though so I’m not super confident with tackling FMQ on this one…(sorry, forgot to say that in the original post)

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