WIP Wednesday: 06.12.2013

Happy hump day you all!  I plan to keep this new commercial on repeat all (hump) day – I got so tickled I started choking on my water when I saw it!  True story.

After a very productive weekend, I have a stack of 336 HSTs trimmed to 2.5″ square, a stack of hexagon fabrics, and three quilt designs.  (Fabric for 3rd quilt design is TBD).

So what does that mean?  I’m busy piecing HSTs into Dutch Pinwheels:

Dutch pinwheels

Dutch pinwheels

And I’ve also been working on piecing hexagon rows now that I’ve settled on a quilt design:

8 of 11 (rows) stitched together...now for all those pesky Y seams...

8 of 11 (rows) stitched together…now for all those pesky Y seams…

I added one step to my planned Y-seam approach via Lady Harvatine’s tutorial for machine piecing hexagons.  As a newbie, I’m not 1000% confident in my ability to hit perfect 1/4″ marks and stop at the proper spots.  Sooo, I cut a hexagon template to set on top of the fabric hexagons and punched pen-holes at 1/4″ from each point.  I’m using my brand new marking pen to dab a dot at each 1/4″ point.

Now I have one more step, but I’m much more confident in hitting my Y-seams now.

On Sunday, I posted the design for the Dutch Pinwheel quilt as well as the chevron quilts I will be making for the twins (once I find the right fabrics!).  Love, like, hate?  Let me know what you think!

What are you working on this Wednesday?  Have you ever machine pieced hexagons?  If so, do you mark your start/stop points or just go with the flow and trust your experience?

Linking up with WIP Wednesday projects over at Freshly Pieced – hop on over and see all the great things going on this week!

Over & Out,

Mrs QQ


23 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 06.12.2013

  1. Hump day yeeeaaahh!! Cute!

    Y seams are tricky though aren’t they?! I have done some in the past for a lone star quilt and it was rough. Your hexies are adorable.

    • Thanks Sara! I start the y-seams tomorrow – GULP! I really want to put a giant lone star quilt on my bucket list – maybe after I master these y-seams 🙂

  2. mike mike mike mike, what day is it?! Hah! They were even talking about that on the radio today! I think it’s right up there with the K-mart “I shipped my pants” commercial.
    Your pinwheels look AWESOME! Also, I found a very easy (when I say easy, it’s an understatement) chevron/zigzag pattern on Pinterest incase you’re looking for one! it’s all squares, which are more friendly than triangles. 😀 http://beesquarefabrics.blogspot.ca/2009/03/how-to-make-zig-zag-quilt-without.html?m=1

  3. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Y seams. I haven’t dared try them yet. Love the pinwheels too. And I think my kids have an unhealthy love for Geico because they love the talking animals.

    • Hi Melanie – finished straight seams on the rows a few min ago and decided that Y seams will have to wait until tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Ha – please dont tell me there’s such a thing as an unhealthy love for talking animals – I guess I’m still a big kid at heart 🙂

  4. returning the visit … I think I would be too scared to try piecing hexies with the machine … how big / small are they? and it’s a nice colour combo, the orange and yellow really pops out.

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