WIP Wednesday: 06.05.2013

Welcome to WIP Wednesday version 06.05.2013  – or as I’d like to rename it, WIP Wednesday: A Math Lesson

Who doesn’t love math?  (Alrighty – confession time here – as an engineer, I suppose that means I do…)  So I haven’t been doing a lot of blog posts because 1) I’ve been wicked busy with quilting / other adventures and 2) you’d be very bored with my WIPs.  But alas, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been up to this week.

Niece’s Baby Quilt

And now for a math word problem (hey, don’t cringe – your face will freeze like that!).

Jenni had two Marmalade flannel charm packs.  Each charm pack has 42 squares measuring 5 inches by 5 inches.  Jenni cut one matching cream flannel square for each Marmalade flannel charm.  How many squares does Jenni have?

42 x 2 x 2 = 168 squares

Jenni matches one cream flannel square with one Marmalade flannel square and sews them right-sides together with a quarter inch seam.  How many sets does she have ?

168 / 2 = 84…stay with me here…

She then cuts each set on the diagonals to create 4 HSTs.  How many HSTs does she have?

84 x 4 = 336

How many HSTs does she have to press?         336!

How many HSTs does she have to trim 1/8” off of each side so that they are exactly 2.5 inches square?    336!

What area code does Jenni live in?        336!   (I kid you not).

I may have to start calling this the 336 quilt.

So in short, I’ve been quite busy turning this:

Box o' HSTs ready to press

Box o’ HSTs ready to press

into this:

Almost all of the HSTs ready to piece!

Almost all of the HSTs ready to piece!

Thank goodness I bought my ultra awesome 4.5” olfa square up ruler for this project as well as a rotating rotary mat.

Now the fun part – layout and piecing!!!  I’ve only been working towards this point for for-eva!  I picked up a cheap vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing that I plan to use as my design board.  (That sweet trick is brought to you c/o my friend, the amazing Ashley, over at Wasn’t Quilt in A Day).

Baby Boy Miller’s Quilt

Booked my flight down to Florida to visit the lovely mother-to-be and attend her baby shower for “Baby Boy Miller.”  Also saw her amazing baby registry and was psyched to see the fabrics I picked will fit right in with the theme they’re doing. (cue happy dance).   I’ll be heading out in FIVE WEEKS which means I need to get cracking on Baby Boy’s quilt.

This weeks progress includes using my new hexagon ruler to turn this:

Robotics by Birch Fabrics + Kona Organic Solids

Robotics by Birch Fabrics + Kona Organic Solids

into this:

Squee!  So so cute!

Squee! So so cute!

Now to machine piece these suckers together and chug away on this quilt!!!

On the other fronts

Can’t get enough math?  Oh good.  Well let’s try another quilt math problem.

Jenni has three pregnant friends.  The third friend is expecting twin girls.  How many quilts does Jenni have to work on? (1+1+2=4) How many quilts has Jenni started? (2) How many are left? (Half!)  I’ve worked out the pattern for these two girly quilts and can’t wait to start on them, but…. Haven’t quite gotten there yet.  Again, twin girls!  Eeek!  Twice the fun, or double the trouble?  Also I’ve fallen behind on my VQB quilt – but that was expected once the baby quilt rush started.

However, don’t lose hope yet.  Mr QQ and I have signed up for a training program with our local running store called Summer Speed Series. So what happens at the SSS?  Generally over the 90 min workout held Mondays and Thursdays, we will start with warm ups, then progress onto form drills and interval-based speed workouts (i.e. track work and hill sprints), followed by strength training and plyometrics, and lastly, stretching.  Oh yes, and did I mention this starts at 5:30 AM?  Yeah…those 4:30 AM wakeup calls are going to be a riot next week.  My fellow warriors be prepared for a bedhead, makeup-less cranky lady to be toeing the line beside you.  I’m going to be a HOT MESS.  Good news is that I already get up early (5:30 AM) on Wednesdays for a weekly meeting at work. Might as well make every morning an up-before-daybreak wake-up and start to sweat day to  beat the summer heat.

This will free up most of my evenings to complete housework… and (drumroll please)… quilting!  No more splitting time with kickball (season’s over), running, housework, work, and quilting.  I’ll be rising before the sun, getting those workouts done, and getting into (and out of?) work early.  That’s the plan, Stan.  Hoping I can make it stick for the next 3 months!

Anyway, happy WIP Wednesday y’all.  What are you working on this week?  And one final question – where did May go?  Seriously?  Holy moly….

Mrs QQ


12 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 06.05.2013

  1. I am in awe of your triangle trimming. You were a genius to buy that ruler and cutting mat – I’m sure that’s helping the job go faster. Love the hexagons too.

  2. I think I need one of those hexie rulers! The fabrics for your hexies are sweet!

    Good Luck with your new workout regime!

  3. I have been craving a rotary cutting mat to use with my square ruler. Sounds like it was super helpful to you. I can’t wait to see how the HSTs come together. There are so many great designs..

    • Melanie, definitely pick up a rotating rotary mat! I snagged one at JoAnn fabrics with a 50% off coupon so it cost <$10. Total life saver when you have so many trimmings to do!

    • I’ve really enjoyed using the olfa square up ruler in the post. It’s a lot easier to square up HSTs than just my normal square rulers! You’re so right Karen- having all the right tools can make such a difference! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Woohooo, I loved this post with all your math! Ps. I had read this post super early yesterday morning and forgot to comment! I was laughing with all the math – and I don’t know how you did so many HSTs. That’s killer! i don’t know how you are planning to do all these workouts – wow! i get up in the 5 hour, but 4:30 is a time I would only do for a flight to a tropical destination 🙂 I can’t wait to see you this summer.

    • I don’t know how you teachers do it. There is a 2nd grade teach on my kickball team and she is bouncing around even at our late games, knowing she’s got to get up so early. I may have to join your addiction and “run on Dunkin” this summer. Thanks for stopping by (again!).

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