WIP Wednesday: 05.15.2013

Congrats to all for making it to Wednesday and happy happy hump day!  For me, that means i’m past the halfway mark of my work week because Friday Mr QQ is whisking me away for a weekend in the mtns!  Don’t fret, Oliver gets to come along too 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!  This year I have several friends who are moms-to-be so I hope y’all got a little extra spoiling in too!  Mr QQ and I enjoyed the afternoon with our little one (Oliver).  He had a big weekend (multiple doggie playdates, trip to the dog park, etc) and was exhausted.  So we saddled him up and took him downtown to a wonderful street festival and soaked in some sun.  And yes, all 70 lbs of Oliver attempted to curl up in my lap while we sat on the street curb and watched the band play.  Oh my little dog-child….

Family fun on 4th Street

Family fun on 4th Street

When I asked Mr QQ what we should do for our mums this year, he wasn’t worried – he’d already set up delivery of flowers to his mom. You guys – I married a good one.  a really really good one.  So then I got stumped for a day or so trying to be creative for my mum.  See, there’s not much I could do because according to her, the best mothers day was when I surprised her on mothers day weekend during the middle of college exams with a gigantic bouquet of fresh flowers from the farmers market and a bucket of paint.  She was in the mist of painting her entire house interior and it was welcomed help.  So seeing as I can neither try to or actually surpass that mothers day, I came up with the idea to make her a mini quilt since she is my go-to quilting guru.  By the time I settled on this idea, I had less than a week (uh oh!).  Last week I showed you a sneak peak part way through the project.

Sneak peak at my secret project!

Sneak peak at my secret project!

I cut fabrics Monday, pieced the block Tuesday, quilted and half-bound on Wednesday, and finished hand binding on Thursday during a wonderful lunch lecture at Mr QQ’s museum.  After work Thursday, I pressed it and snapped a few pics and then promptly folded it up again and popped it into the mail.  It made it Saturday (woot!!).  So here it is, a **finished product** finally!  Cue the happy dance  🙂  The mini quilt is 12 inches square (mostly).

I used this heart block tutorial from Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter and pulled fabrics from my very limited stash.  (Side note- if you’re reading this Mr QQ, this is reason #2385 why I NEED to buy fabric whenever I see it.  Also, she who dies with the most fabric wins.  True Story.).  Its a combo of some Ty Pennington Impressions and other paisley fabric I had, with an indigo/ink print from Amy Butler’s Lark collection for the backing.  My plan was to echo stitch throughout the solid heart, but I had trouble getting the walking foot from my old machine onto my new machine – was terrified I was doing something wrong and didn’t want to hurt my new machine.  But after reading some websites this weekend, I think I know what I was doing wrong.  I hope it works next time – would sure be nice not to have to spend $$ on another walking foot.  So with just my regular piecing foot, I did shadow stitching on each side of the solid heart and called it quits before I did too much / did a big oopsie.  This summer I plan to explore free motion quilting / other ways to rock the machine quilting.  It came together pretty quickly, although I definitely wish I had started earlier so I could have been more picky with points/seams.  Mom loved it and is going to hang it in her sewing room 🙂

Graduation last year with Mom.  Thanks for all that you do Mom!

PhD graduation last year with Mom. Thanks for all that you do Mom! Happy Mothers Day!

I’ve also been working on my niece’s quilt.  Last week I finished cutting down charms / cutting yardage to create the squares for making HSTs.  This week I’m chain piecing away to crank out all of the HSTs.  I’m using the 4x HSTs method.  I did my first few 4x HSTs as discussed by sewing 1/4 inch around all four sides, but there was a lot of movement/shifting in my flannel fabric pairs even with pinning.  So I adjusted my plan of attack.  I am chain piecing so that I sew one side of the fabric pair.  Then snip threads and chain piece side #2, snip, chain piece side #3, etc…rather than sewing all four sides of 1 pair of squares and having to lift the presser foot a lot.  Any other tips you guys have?  Should try out the walking foot for piecing flannel? thoughts?

I’ve made it about 2/3 way through the square pairs and am seriously starting to question my sanity for making a quilt completely out of HSTs cut on the bias….Next step will be lots of careful seam presses and trimming down HSTs.  But that can wait for next week when I get back from the mtns 🙂 No progress on VQB quilt or any other one due to the detour with the mini quilt, but totally worth it!  Linking up with Freshly Pieced WiP Wednesday.  Excited to see all the blogging from the Spring Quilt Market in Portland this weekend!  What are you working on this week?

Over and out,

mrs qq


2 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 05.15.2013

  1. whew. that’s a lot of projects, girl! love, love, love the heart! i accept your challenge to have the most fabric upon death! hahahahahaha. i love that 🙂 i can’t wait to see what you do with all these HST for your niece – i love flannel.

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