Weekend Wrap-up: April Showers bring May Downpours…

There’s a saying we have here in North Carolina – If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.  It’s one of the reasons I love NC – we have all four seasons, unlike Gulf Coast Texas where I lived as a kid.  TX had 3 seasons:  hot, scorcher, hot, not as hot.  Here in NC, the mountains turn from a misty blue to a fire-glow in Autumn as the leaves go from red to orange to gold.  In the spring, we have a high pollen period but then it’s usually ah-mazing by May.

So true...(source)

So true…(source)

But this week has been far from it.  It’s been in the 50s and 60s rather than mid 70s and cloudy/gloomy/rainy.  If it was October, I’d be in love with it.  But it’s May and I’m ready for nice weather. Last week was one of those weeks where I left work late on Friday, bought myself some pretty flowers, and cracked open a nice bottle of red.



Sorry if I’m sounding a bit like a grump, but there were many things we didn’t get to do this weekend that we’d been looking forward to doing on Sunday.  Here’s a quick wrap-up of all that we did get to do on Saturday though.  Mr QQ, Oliver and I hit up the bestest farmers market in downtown and stocked up on yummy fresh foods.  We always spend 2x what we were planning.  I bet it would be 4x if I hacked into my quilting budget, but that ain’t happening y’all!  We swung by the house to put away the market haul and for Mr QQ to shower (he ran to the farmers market – how green of him!) and then we were off to buy some loose leaf tea at our local tea shop (yup, we have one!) and then ventured back downtown to India Fest, right beside the farmers market.  A plate of Indian food and a full belly later, we walked over to the new, indy grocery store downtown and I found cone coffee filters for our new pour-over coffee maker.  So hooked on pour-over coffee right now.  Washington Perk (the grocer) has another quaint location not too far from Mr QQ’s museum so we’ll meet there for sammies on rainy days.  Looking forward to doing the same at the downtown spot!  From there it was off to our local beverage shop, City Beverage, for a beer tasting from a new brewer in town – Small Batch Beer Co.  Loved their stout!  Our city’s new food truck was there too (Camel City Grill).  We’ve enjoyed their breakfast and lunch specialties a few times already and look forward to more food trucks hitting our streets!  Can you tell I love local and love Winston-Salem?  I’m not alone.  The joining of the towns Winston and Salem into Winston-Salem (“the Dash”) celebrates its 100th anniversary next weekend.  Lots of great things happening all month to celebrate.   After all of this excitement, we made it home to do a quick clean up and then had peeps from our kickball team over for a combined Kentucky Derby / Cinco de Mayo party.  Mint juleps + enchiladas?  Yes!

So after a good night’s sleep, I woke up Sunday to all of that gross gross weather I was mentioning earlier.  My garden planting would have to wait another weekend (it’s been 2 rainy weekends in a row now).  My long run didn’t happen either. We didn’t make it to the grand opening of the new dog park, or to the Pups in the Park event (aka bring your dog to the minor league baseball game). Instead, Mr QQ and I took dominoes and Oliver downtown to Krankie’s coffee (an old warehouse) and sat on their covered patio drinking our warm drinks and watching the rain. Oliver curled up in my lap on the bench while we played Mexican Train dominoes. (I suppose that’s one perk of this weather – he gets super sweet and snuggly!).

And when we made it back home late yesterday afternoon, I set out to be productive for the first time all day.  I’ve got to get cracking on all the baby quilts that are due in August so I got out the flannel fabrics for my future niece’s quilt and started trimming the charm packs 5″ squares down to 4.5″ squares.  I also turned a yard of ivory flannel into about 72 4.5″ squares.

Marmalade Flannel squares all trimmed and ready to sew!

Marmalade Flannel squares all trimmed and ready to sew!

Like Dory in Finding Nemo, I sat there thinking “just keep swimming trimming, just keep swimming trimming.”  My saving grace:  I had already well starched/pressed both of the charm packs and stacked the 5″ squares two-deep for trimming (except the stripe fabrics which I did one-by-one to square up the stripes).  My other saving graces:  I bought an eight inch rotating rotary mat with a coupon at JoAnns and also invested in a 4.5″ square up ruler.  So for each pair of charms, I placed the 4.5″ square ruler in the middle and hacked off 1/8″-1/4″ all around.  It was so quick with the 4.5″ ruler and rotating mat!  Yippee!  Now I just have to sew print/solid pairs together, cut into HSTs, trim the HSTs, match points, piece the quilt, press, press, press, and actually quilt the whole thing!  Baby steps…baby steps…

I am also just about settled on the baby boy hexagon quilt using the Robotics fabrics.  Check out this doodle I worked on while waiting for a computer program to chug away the other day…

A little doodle later, the quilting is planned!

Ahem, I promise my quilting skills are better than my doodle skills…

I guess if this weather is good for one thing, it’s for snuggling inside and getting some quilting done with some nice tea!  Hope y’all had a good, productive weekend!  What did you work on?

~Mrs QQ


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