WIP Wednesday: 05.01.2013

Oh lordy y’all – it’s been like 3 weeks since I posted.  Three.Busy.Weeks.  I’ve been more introspective these last few weeks too, understandably.  As I mentioned last post, I am a quilter and a runner.  Holy cow y’all – it’s freaking May.  I’m still writing March at the top of papers…sigh… I’m excited to link up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday updates again.

A quick update re: quiet time on the QQ Blog:

I was really excited for my upcoming trail race, but in the back of my mind I knew I was well under-trained and would suffer the consequences.  Then, Boston happened…it hit me hard as a runner.  And as many runners in this amazing running community, it took me a bit to process it all.  I ran my first marathon in 2010 and have been training for others ever since, but keep getting tendonitis and shingles which had sidelined those plans for a while.  As any marathoner will tell you, running Boston is an honor – it’s the holy grail of races and not because you’ll run your fastest time, but because of the celebration of the running spirit and community.  So after the bombings, I laced up and headed out the door each and every evening for several days straight.  I think and process a lot of things (school, work, life) during runs and it’s hard to be angry when running.  So I ran.  And the very next Saturday, I excitedly woke up at 5 am (yes I’m serious) and headed to my trail race to join the running community and celebrate doing what we love.  It was my first race in almost a year y’all!  It was AWESOME.  The course was tough but the views and serenity the trail offered were far better than I could have hoped for.  I ran (for me) a super duper amazing race and finished within 1 minute of my “if everything goes perfect” goal finish time – way better than the “I’ll be happy with a finish, or +30 min from the great time.”  I got muddy, I got sweaty, and I got happy.  Two days later and on very sore/tired legs, I joined our local running community on the 1 week anniversary of the bombings and did a 3 mile run with >800 runners.  It was truly uplifting.  And after about two weeks, I can finally breathe with a bit more ease and I know that I have, once again, found the joy in running that was missing for a good bit of the last year.  But amongst all this running, the quilting productivity took a hit.  I got a little done, but wasn’t quite ready to share it until now.

Quilts for Boston

When I heard about Quilts for Boston, I was so pleased to find a cause (other than donations to charities for Boston) that quite literally married my two loves – quilting and running!  Another therapeutic outlet and one I know will make an impact for others in a very personal way.  Yay quilting community!  So I hopped over the my LQS and grabbed some fat quarters in blue, yellow, and grey/white.  Mr QQ (an ultramarathoner) helped me pick out just the “right” blue and yellow for the Boston Marathon colors – thanks hun!  A little quilt block modification later, I had drawn up two blocks I could whip up in no time that met the size requirements for the Guild.  And here they are:

Quilts for Boston, Block A

Quilts for Boston, Block A

Quilts for Boston, Block B

Quilts for Boston, Block B

Okay – you got me. The Block B needs to be finished, but it’ll be finished by the end of today and en route to Boston Thursday.

Edit: Interested in sending some quilt blocks for the Quilts for Boston project?  Find out more info here.  Quilt blocks due by May 24th.

Virtual Quilting Bee

I’ve made a bit of progress on Amy Smart’s Virtual Quilting Bee on Diary of a Quilter.  Last WIP Wednesday post, I was working on my first version of Block 3.  I got both versions of my Block 3 and one of my Block 4s all stitched up now!  Its been a bit rainy here, so no outdoor pics with sun/real lighting but here ya go:

I got some new fabrics during my trip to the LQS so I’ve pulled together the fabrics for the second version of Block 4 using these beauties!  The second version of Block 3 (the one with the fussy cut bird) is probably my favorite of all 7 I’ve completed so far.

Baby Quilts x4

My fabric arrived for the baby boy quilt and I couldn’t have been more giddy.  It’s the Robotics collection by Rebekah Ginda for Birch Fabrics.  And it’s organic too!

Robotics Fat Quarter stack + Kona solids - can't wait to cut into these for Baby Boy Miller's quilt!

Robotics Fat Quarter stack + Kona solids – can’t wait to cut into these for Baby Boy Miller’s quilt!

Trust me – it’s even more adorable in person.  I also picked up some Pure Organic Kona Solids to add in with the adorable prints.  I’ve got the design Quasi-planned (hey, this is the Quasi-Quilter blog – gimme a break! ) It’s really going to come down to getting all of the pieces cut and then figuring out the layout.  Hint – it’s a hexagon quilt!

I’ve also picked out the fabric / quilt designs for the twin girls my friend is expecting.  Unfortunately, the fabric doesn’t come out until July so I’m going to have to be patient, but it’ll totally be worth it – right?  Thankfully, I have picked out a quick and easy design that shouldn’t take too much time – the girls will be arriving late August / early September!

This past weekend, we gathered with Mr QQ’s family for a gender reveal of my future niece / nephew.  Mr QQ’s older brother and wife had our sister-in-law bake a cake and my mother-in-law got to cut it to see the gender color inside.  The cake was super duper cute – my sister-in-law is so talented y’all!  She opened a cupcake shop last year and does the best custom cakes.  Check out the gender reveal cake:

Bill and Katrina's gender reveal cake!

Bill and Katrina’s gender reveal cake!

Oh, you wanted to know the gender?  It’s a girl!  So thrilled for my brother- and sister-in-law and can’t wait to meet my new niece in late August/early September.  I have the fabric already (I had a feeling it was going to be a girl) and so now I have the design picked out too.  It’s going to be a HST quilt using the Marmalade Flannel collection.  Perfect for a sweet little girl!  Now I’ve got to get sew / press / trim all of the HSTs!

In other news…

I paper pieced 3/4″ hexagons from half of a charm pack but needed more papers and more fabric.  I’ve printed / cut more hexagon papers and have diced up the rest of my charm pack for the little hexies. It’s been a great “in the car” or “watching tv” project.  Oh, and with all of that, I’ve made absolutely no progress on my Ace of Cakes quilt.  Fail?  Nah!

Over and Out,

Mrs QQ


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 05.01.2013

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  2. As an athlete and a quilter I wanted to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m planning to make some blocks of my own this weekend. I’ve already started pulling fabric.

    • Rachel – so glad you stopped by and will be joining in the Quilts for Boston project! Check out their flickr group – so many cool blocks going up each day 🙂

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