WiP Wednesday: 04.10.2013

It’s time again for another WiP Wednesday (hooray!) and I’ve got some new things to share!

(i apologize in advanced for the sub-par photos this week – ran around with my cell phone camera Tues night to snap some pics)

As mentioned last week, I spent this weekend visiting with in-laws and shopping for maternity items with my mother-in-law and soon-to-be 1st time mom, my sister-in-law.  So.much.fun.  Squee!  Can’t wait for the gender reveal in 3 weeks to find out if it’s going to be a niece or nephew!  I’ve been chewing around some baby quilt ideas already and can’t wait to get started.  It’ll be an extra special quilt and lots of special touches!

Spring came in with a roar this weekend.  It was snowing Thursday and on Sunday, I snapped this photo of 80 degree North Carolina skies and cherry blossoms during my long run:

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

NC has wild swings during season changes, but this was unreal!  I’m training for a few running races this spring and just trust me when I say it.takes.time to acclimate to hot weather.  Much more than the 3 days I got.  Yesterday Mr. Oliver pooped out mid-run – can’t blame him – it was 83 degree and we were running a hill circuit…he laid down in some fluffy grass and gave me the “I’m so over this” look.  We walked back to the car…

One more thing before I show you all my WiPs this week.  On Sunday I went out into the backyard with the pup, Oliver, to play ball for a bit when I saw something in the dirt on the far side of the yard…

Look what magically appeared in my backyard!  (I know you are jealous - an Olfa Lip ruler!!)  My hunting dog apparently hunts for quilting supplies - not going to complain!

Look what magically appeared in my backyard! (I know you are jealous – an Olfa Lip edge ruler!!) My hunting dog apparently hunts for quilting supplies in the yard – not going to complain!

Seriously?  Grass does not grow back here with a 70lb dog running wild, but apparently QUILTING RULERS do?!?!  Oliver is forever finding new items for us in the backyard and we have no idea where they come from.  Either he digs them up or the small flood creek behind the fence brings them to the yard.  Hey, I’m not complaining one bit.  If there was a Quilt God, I’d say She’s spoken.  I’m now debating whether to sprinkle fabric scraps out back now…maybe quilting fabric will start sprouting?

New Adventure – Hooked on Hexagons!

Knowing that I’d be out-of-town all weekend, I was itching to find something to keep my hands busy while we all sat around and caught up.  Sign #42 that I’ve caught the quilting bug – can’t be without it for a weekend.

Well I’ve also gotten bit by the hexagon/paper piecing bug too.  I though this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at some paper piecing and work towards a table runner in a grandmothers flower garden pattern.  I love 1930s/1940s colors, especially for something with such an old-fashioned approach and was about to jet off to the LQS Thursday when I remembered that I picked up a Moda Bella Solids charm pack in Warm palette on a super duper daily deal ($2.95 from Missouri Star Quilt Co) about a month ago.  Perfect color palette for these hexies and a good use of cheap fabric to try something new eh?  I printed out hexagon paper pieces and cut them out, pressed and cut 2″ squares from my charm pack, and grabbed some old cheap thread for basting.  I found some great tutorials online, including this one from Texas Freckles with some video tutorials – great for a visual person like me!  Packed up a cute little tupperware kit for the 2 hr car ride and stitched away Saturday and Sunday.

Hooked on Hexagons (3/4" English paper piecing)

Hooked on Hexagons (3/4″ English paper piecing)

I still have a long way to go, but I really like this project as something I can do while Mr QQ and I watch TV together or for car trips.  I really am loving the hexagon quilts out there right now and I have enjoyed the little hexagon paper piecing so far, most likely because it reminds me of making little fabric yo-yos as a kiddo with my mom’s quilt scraps.  I plan to hand quilt the whole thing once the basting is done. It’ll be a labor of love ❤

Virtual Quilting Bee

Block 3 of the Virtual Quilting Bee is out and I love this tutorial.  I immediately grabbed 2 separate stacks of fabric for 2 block versions and got started.  I did have a little trouble with the first block getting the points to fall on the seams, but I re-squared and adjusted my needle position and think it’ll work out just fine.  It’s a love-hate relationship with the seam ripper.  hate doing it but love the good results I get afterwards.  sigh…  First block is almost done…have to sew all the large triangles together then sew the 1/4 blocks together.  Just need to find 5 min this week to sit down and do it.  Here’s a sneak peek:

An almost finished VQB Block #3...

An almost finished VQB Block #3…

Check out the amazing blocks others have uploaded to the Flickr Group or follow along on twitter/instagram using #VirtualQuiltingBee.

Ace of Cakes Quilt

I finished all of the large hourglass blocks I talked about last week.  Even managed to salvage that wasted cut block into small charms for my hand-pieced hexagon fabric.  Gotta love a good use for scraps.

All 16 blocks pieced for Ace of Cakes quilt

All 16 blocks pieced for Ace of Cakes quilt

Have I shown you my scrap jar yet?  No?  ah, here you go – it makes me chuckle each time I put something in it.

My Fabric Stash jar...tehehehe...

My Fabric Stash jar…tehehehe…

Now that the large hourglass blocks are finished, I’ll start working on their smaller cousins that go at sashing intersections.  Was hoping to get this top pieced and ready to make a quilt sandwich by April 20th but not sure if that’s going to happen now.  I’ll be running a rugged trail race in the mountains on that day and will most likely want something to plop down and work on after I have destroyed my legs and contemplate why I do these things to myself.  Seriously – look at this elevation profile:  3,000+ foot elevation gain and 3,000+ foot elevation loss in ten miles.

Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run 10 mile race elevation profile - aka a quad-killer.  My legs are going to hate me but I do love getting out there on trails and enjoying springtime in the mountains!

Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run 10 mile race elevation profile – aka a quad-killer. My legs are going to hate me but I do love getting out there on trails and enjoying springtime in the mountains!

Thankfully my mom lives quite literally around the corner and I can stay with her and recover quilt for a day afterwards 🙂

Baby Quilts

I’ve got all of the fabric in for my “charmalade” flannel baby quilt and will now set to the task of pressing/sizing and cutting the charm pack down for HSTs and a marathon session (or two or three) of chain piecing.  I’ve been reading a lot about quilting with flannels, but if you have any suggestions – I am allllll ears!

I also got news that my lovely lovely friends from HS/College are expecting a BOY!  They are two of my fav peeps and I’m so very excited for them.  We went to a nerdy residential school together for HS and then did nerdy majors in college.  They both went off to work for NASA and totally impress me all the time. When I got the text  re: It’s a Boy in the middle of a work meeting – I almost shrieked out loud – whoops!  I instantly had an idea on fabric style and by night’s end, found the perfect fabric collection and quilt design.  It’s an organic fabric collection and the mom-to-be is a very organic chica so it’s even more perfect.  Can’t wait to buy the fabric and get started!

My other dear friend, expecting twins, will find out genders this Friday and I can’t wait for her!  It’s also her birthday week and I can’t imagine a more special present than that.  I know I’ll be all inspired for her two quilts when I hear the news and already have a few ideas in mind.

These stinkers are all the luckiest babies because all of the parents are dear people to me and I’m so excited for them all to have their first child (or 2 for twins!).  They’re going to rock this whole parenthood thing. Seriously 🙂

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and go check out some of the amazing WiPs over at Freshly Pieced!

Mrs QQ


7 responses to “WiP Wednesday: 04.10.2013

  1. I totally giggled out loud at the thought of sprinkling fabric bits out in the yard to see if they would grow… Oh how I wish they would! I would join you, of course my “less than intelligent” dogs would probably just eat the fabric bits and get sick. Lots of lovely WIP!

  2. Wow my dog just hoarded bits of styrofoam, she never found anything fantastic! (I guess she thought the foam was great, but I was more scared she would eat it!)

  3. I’m really wanting to learn how to do hexagons since I have 2 boxes of precut.
    Also, because they are hand work.
    I also bought myself a yo yo maker that I’ve not even attempted to try to learn.

  4. I am dying with your ruler story! That is awesome. Super jealous that you are on the hexy bandwagon – I am dying to get on that one! Can’t wait to see what you do with that one. I am loving your newest BOM!

  5. That’s an awesome find. Puppy deserves a treat!
    Good luck on your race! I’m working on training for a race in May but I will stick to flat (or flat-ish), thank you very much! 🙂

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