Weekend Wrap-up

Sunday greetings here.

I’m wondering where Spring went and when it will be back. Glad I caught the shot of our Tulip Tree in bloom last week because that night we had another freeze and I woke up to brown, wilty petals all over the front yard.  It’s 37 degrees, gloomy, and pouring rain today.  I’m calling foul and thinking Ohio may have had the right idea to sue Punxsutawney Phil.  The only good thing about this weather is Oliver and I are curled up on the sofa snuggling as I write this, sipping on some Darjeeling tea.

Oliver gazing out the window at this weather...I'm with ya bud...

Oliver gazing out the window at this weather…I’m with ya bud…

It’s been a busy weekend but I did manage to make some progress on quilting.  Mr QQ’s birfday was Saturday and our NCSU Wolfpack were playing in the NCAA tournament Friday so we took a half day off of work and tried our best to cheer them to a win.  Another fail.  I spent the first half of the game pressing seams on over 100 flying geese blocks from another quilt I am working on (more on that Wednesday – hey, I can’t spoil WiP Wednesday on a Sunday!).  I plopped my travel ironing board on the floor and pressed away in the living room during the game.  I love multi-tasking but – Caution:  do not yell profusely with anger at referees on your TV whilst waving a hot iron.  There were many close calls with a second degree burn or two.  Many.  Oh yeah – there’s going to be a entertaining story for WiP Wednesday regarding WHY I had to press all of these seams.  again. #ReadInstructions  #Teaser

I also got several reusable/washable Swiffer mop covers sewn just in time to mop of our floors before we had company over for birthday dinner.  Mr QQ whipped up de.li.cious. shepard’s pie in individual sized dutch ovens.  So cute and so so yummy.  He’s the cook in this house (thank goodness).  Saturday we dropped off Sir Oliver at the local doggie daycare/boarding place on our way out of town.  What a freaking God-send!  He plays his heart out until he quite literally falls over.  And he loves it.  We  love his complete lack of energy for days afterwards (Queue current cuddles with pup!).   Destination: Raleighwood!  Mr QQ has a conference for work Sunday and Monday so we went out a day early and got in a wonderful visit with Mr QQ’s brother and his wife and then we all got together to go to dinner for Mr QQ’s birthday at the renowned Lantern restaurant in Chapel Hill.  If you live in NC, love local food, and love creative asian-based culinary delights then you should definitely check it out.  Mr QQ and I met the chef (Andrea Reusing) two years ago when we got her cookbook signed and have wanted to make our way to the restaurant ever since.  What a wonderful evening!  Great food and great friends – can’t top that for a birthday night.  We are truly blessed.

Lantern bi bim bop - a hot iron pot with seared Red Poll hanger steak, chesnut sticky rice, marinated seasonal vegetables, slow-cooked farm egg, homemade hot pepper sauce.  So Goooood!

Lantern bi bim bop – a hot iron pot with seared Red Poll hanger steak, chesnut sticky rice, marinated seasonal vegetables, slow-cooked farm egg, homemade hot pepper sauce. So Goooood!

Today I headed back to collect Oliver from daycare and get ready for the work week.  I made a trip over to JoAnn’s fabrics to use a coupon that was about to expire.  Grabbed a flying geese ruler to square up all them geese and scored some adorable flannel fabric remanents in the clearance bin that I can use for some baby gifts items.  The ladies will all be finding out gender in the next month so I’m stocking up on stuff now so I can shop in my own fabric stash and get to work on some quilts for them soon.  I can’t wait to get some special fabrics for their quilts.  Block 2 of the Virtual Quilting Bee was released Friday and I can’t wait to pull fabrics tonight and get started!  I’ve been enjoying the Flicker/Instagram pics of everyone else’s Block 1 and look forward to seeing how everyone’s quilts turn out!!

Now I’m off to snuggle this 70lb lap dog some more before a bit of quilting.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mrs QQ


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