Crafty Solution – Yoga Mat Straps

Another finished project to show!

Yoga Mat Straps

Yoga Mat Straps

When I first got my new (to me) machine in February, I made a decision not to jump into quilting on day one and try to tackle my old forgotten quilt that was started years ago. First, I needed to make a lot of mistakes learn my machine.  That’s where side projects come in handy.  Simple straight seams that whip up a finished product in no time.  Bonus:  I had a stash of about 5 yards of super cute fabric from Joel Dewberry and Tyler Pennington lines that I bought up when one of my LQS closed.  Time to cut into those beauties!

I have (as I’m sure you do too!) a love affair with Pinterest.  It’s definitely my go-to time-suck, but  in this case at least it led to something productive!  Mr QQ and I go to yoga classes on a semi-unregular basis to stretch out all those leg muscles we put through the ringer running.  We don’t have yoga mat bags or straps to keep those puppies rolled up nice and neat.  I checked into buying some and was shocked by the pricing.  Queue Pinterest!  I used a yoga mat strap tutorial pinned from the MakeZine blog.  I already had fabric and interfacing.  Perfect!  I’ve made D-ring belts in freakishly-similar way so this was definitely something I could handle.  I had practiced scant 1/4″ seams on scrap fabric and this would give me a chance to do some looong straight seams and (wait for it) button holes!

These straps took about 30-45 min each while Mr QQ and I watched some NC State basketball on TV.  My yoga mat is light orange so I chose a beautiful indigo/ink and white damask fabric to coordinate.  For Mr QQ’s brown yoga mat, I went with a solid Terra Cotta fabric and was pleased with both the color combo and the masculinity of it.

Mr QQ's Yoga Mat Strap

Mr QQ’s Yoga Mat Strap

My Yoga Mat + Strap

My Yoga Mat + Strap

Tip/Trick of the project:  Used our pointy-ended chopsticks to turn the straps right-side-out and push out the corners.  Who needs lots of fancy sewing notions (actually, I take that back!)

This fun, quick project was a great introduction to my new machine, Felicity.  I’ll introduce you to her soon – she’s a classy gal 🙂


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